Accessing Pinnacle

Hello parents,

Here is the information you requested for accessing Pinnacle as sent to teachers from Ms. Bermudez:

Parents can access their child’s grades by following these steps:

1. Go to

2. The user name is the student’s ID (This is not the student’s social security number.) Please check your child’s schedule to find out the correct Student ID number.

3. The Pin Code is the child’s date of birth – this will be typed as year, month, and day (four digits for year, two digits for month, and two digits for day) – no spaces, slashes, dashes, or commas) – for example, if the student’s birthday is February 5, 1992, it would be typed in as 19920205.

 4. Choose the correct school from the School drop down menu: Somerset Academy Middle, Somerset Academy High, or Somerset Academy Arts Conservatory.

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