Late Work and No Name Assignments

The late work deadline is past due. Late work for second quarter will no longer be accepted. If you have a test or quiz to make up, you may make it up before Jan. 11.

Journalism: Fall Prowler articles (test grade) will no longer be accepted for credit this quarter.

Advanced Language Arts: The Embedded Assessment final draft (test grade) will be accepted until Jan. 11 for a maximum grade of a 60.

I have about 25 assignments without names on them. Students, all late work has been graded, so if you are missing work you think you turned in, please check the no name folder. Parents, please ask your students to check this work before explaining to me that they turned in their assignments. Because of this growing problem with no name papers, starting next quarter, I will be deducting 20 points per assignment for each no name paper.

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