Schoolwide Essay Writing

Attention 6th-graders: You will be participating in a schoolwide essay writing period, as the 8th and 10th grade students will be taking the Florida Writes. All 6th-graders will be writing on the prompt below. Bring at least one article with you to homeroom on Tuesday, Feb. 26. Make sure you have highlighted the information that you want to use in your essay. When completed, you will be typing the essay into My Access by March 1 for a quiz grade. You will give Ms. Ridal your original essay as well in order to receive full credit.

        Martin Luther King is prominently viewed as one of the foremost American leaders and one of the most well-known African Americans.  While King is popularly renowned, there are many other African Americans who have made major contributions in the worlds of science, politics, and the arts.

            In a detailed essay, describe an African American that you have researched who has helped America move forward in art, science, or politics. 


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