Late Work and Finals

Late Work

All late is due May 17. Any work assigned between May 20 and May 30 is due no later than Thursday, May 30, by 3 p.m. in room 418. No late work will be accepted beyond those dates. Late Study Island assignments will be checked one final time on May 17 at 2:30 p.m.


Finals count as an exam grade on the fourth quarter. Sixth-graders will receive a My Access essay that will count as one exam grade as well as a triple-weighted multiple choice test. The My Access essay will be due by Thursday, May 30. The multiple choice test will be taken during final exams between May 31 and June 5. Journalism students will have a comprehensive final exam that will be multiple choice.

Journalism Exam Review – MSJ Final Exam Review 2013

6th grade Language Arts and Advanced Language Arts – 6th LA Final Exam Review

Exam reviews will be given out during class. For 5th and 7th periods, the reviews will count as homework credit and are due May 30.



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