Journalism apps for the iPad, iPod

If you are interested in reading some great news articles or viewing powerful pictures and you own an iPad or an iPod, then check out the following apps.

AP News –(free) — iPad, iPod — I have an iPad, and I must say, I think the app is better on this device! You have the option to easily view stories, pictures, and videos on a decent-size screen.

Guardian Eyewitness — (free) — iPad — There are tons of beautiful images on this site, complete with photo captions and a note from the photographer on how the image was captured.

CNN — (free) — iPad, iPod — This is a photo- and video-friendly version of the online site. If you don’t watch CNN on TV, you can view stories from around the world using this site.

The Daily — (free for a limited time) — iPad — The layout of this app is fantastic and user-friendly with interactive graphics, pictures, and videos. They have great examples of what news layout should look like.

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