4th quarter assignments

Journalism History Research Project, including Journalism Timeline assignment: Journalism History Biography Project

Hitting a New Target: Hitting a New Target article questions

Bellwork for 4/22 to 5/2: BW1: Describe your feelings regarding the tragic events of the past month. How were you affected by the news you heard? BW2: Describe any famous journalists you know. BW3: How do you determine that a Web site is reliable? BW4: Explain how you paraphrase information. BW5: Explain something interesting you learned about the journalist for your project.

Bellwork for 4/1 to 4/18:  BW1: Why is learning history important? BW2: What inventions expanded the dissemination of information throughout the world? How did those inventions accomplish that? BW3: Do you believe the government is telling you the truth? Explain why you think this way. BW4: Would you go overseas and report on the front lines of a war? BW5: Who is in charge of designing a newspaper? What is involved?

Bellwork to 3/7: BW1: Should this picture of a solider shooting another have been published?  BW2: What do you consider a “controversial photo”? When should controversial pictures be published? BW3: Describe a memorable photo that you have seen or that you took yourself. Why was it memorable? BW4: Edit this caption: Passengers aboard Stump Thumper,” an airbot helmed by Capt. Mike Kent, got an up-close view of a 7-foot-long crocodile during an airboat tour Dec 27 2012. The airboat is based at Everglades Holiday Park in unincorporated west broward county. park managers are trying to complete the first comprehensive overhaul of park rules and regulations in more then 30 years. BW5: Describe what you have learned about media law thus far.

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