iPad VGA adapter severely limited

I wanted to purchase the VGA adapter for the iPad/iPhone 4, but the $29 thingamajig has a myriad of limitations, according to user reviews, and most of the apps won’t play. In Apple’s Q&A section on the user review page, the tech folks explain that it’s up to each app developer to write into the program code what will be displayed in a 2nd display. I interpret that as developers must enable the the app to be displayed and to behave as it does on the iPad screen.

If you “jailbreak” your iPad, however, there is an option that will allow you to display what’s on your iPad directly onto your projector screen. Available on Cydia, the app is called DisplayOut.

When I plug in my MacBook’s VGA adapter, the programs I use, what I type, and where I click all work and display just as they would on my laptop. Why wouldn’t I expect the same for the iPad VGA adapter? Also a problem is the cord’s skimpy 7-inch length. Users are also complaining that the adapter won’t work when plugged into longer cords. That’s a problem for educators like me whose projector is mounted to the ceiling.

Consumers who gave it a 5-star rating were those who use it for KeyNote presentations and photo slideshows. I recommend keeping your money until either Apple releases its own version of a DisplayOut app or more developers update their apps to make them more VGA friendly.

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